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Relocating Singapore
Relocating To Singapore

Lease / Rent Procedure
Lease / Rent Procedure

Understanding Singapore
Understanding Singapore

Getting Around
Getting Around

  Welcome to United Landbank Realty Pte Ltd, a land of regional opportunity for your property needs. New impressions and faces are aplenty when relocating to a new country. In this new environment, it is imperative that you make yourself feel at home with the best ease. Our extensive network of relationship with the regional property landlords as well as the property data base of power search and info tools will place you with the most convenience to reach out the best property locations. In addition, we can assist your relocation to Singapore through our 'Relocation Company', United Relocations (S) Pte Ltd which has the widest international linkages that will similarly place you at the best ease and has its own offices in Thailand, Malaysia, China and is extending to most of the Far East countries.

With the synergistic value of both the realty and relocation services, our trained and licensed realty professionals will provide you with both a comprehensive and exclusive search on property leases, sales and purchases complemented by our professional in-house relocation services that serve your relocation needs be it domestically or internationally.

The synergistic service of Realty and Relocation executed by our very own in-house professionals without outsource is the ONLY ONE in Singapore. In reality, a professional relocation company operates by the experience and does not need a license whereas, for a professional realty company, it operates by an approved license issued by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore only after through a required number of legitimate realty transactions within a legal timeframe.

As a landlord, tenant, occupier, investor, developer or buyer, you will definitely benefit from our comprehensive array of relocation and realty services. This ‘One Stop Solution’ is simply your ultimate solution of comfort, convenience and confidence. Simply give us a call or drop a mail and we will do the rest. This website is designed to facilitate your understanding of Singapore’s real estate market. Please share it with people you know who are keen to lease, buy and sell any of their properties domestically and internationally.Other Sites.
HDB Apartment / Condo Industrial / Commercial
HDB Apartment / Condominium Industrial / Commercial
Rent / Sell Rent / Sell Rent / Sell

United Landbank Realty and United Relocations are dedicated to this corporate philosophy of "WE MANAGE IT RIGHT" and “WE DO IT RIGHT” respectively for all our customers comprising of landlords, tenants, occupiers, buyers and developers. This corporate philosophy has been inculcated in our experienced team of agents and relocators to perform extraordinarily with perseverance to fulfill and deliver our obligations. For Further Assistance, Click Here.

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